Big changes are taking place – with or without us !!

In a few years we will have changed

what we do,
how we do it,
why we do it.

We will produce, consume, learn, teach, research, innovate and finance differently.

We will have to learn to cope with highest complexity rooted in the interconnectedness of all things, which in turn has its roots in digitisation.

We will deal with questions of meaning, value and origin in order to rediscover our true self.

Therefore,  we offer you as entrepreneur and top manager

1.   to examine your business with a view to the future
2.   to benefit faster and better from digital advances
3.   to detect possible performance improvements
4.   to spice up your business concept with fresh ideas
5.   and to develop a sustainable plan for the future

When facing the very real global competition, choosing to merely ‘wait and see’ is not a viable option.

The success of your company depends on YOUR informed understanding, YOUR initiative and YOUR engaged involvement on its way into a fast-developing future.

A quick first analysis of your specific situation may be the best initial step.

First we’ll sit down for a coffee together and learn to trust one another, before applying our competence and experience to present a way forward tailored to your situation.

Our consulting services don’t end with a plan. We are ready and able to help you with the implementation of any potential new direction, and can bring the best teams together from our network of expert contacts or even support you in search of new staff.

The exchange is simple: our experience for your trust.

We will only be happy when we see your success!

Accept our invitation!

  • We speak the language of the digital world.  In fact we’re not just fluent; we even played a part in writing it.
  • We also speak the language of management: as senior managers, we have extensive experience with the many other topics you have to deal with on your leadership level.
  • If you place your trust in us, we can provide competence gained only through years at the top of the industry.

Let’s work together!




Our Philosophy

Don’t you value being able to ask a competent and experienced friend for advice? Someone you’ve known for a long time, who you trust.  Someone straightforward, without their own agenda, who is always there for you. Someone who, as a true friend, is both permitted and indeed can be relied upon to speak truthfully, whatever the situation.

That’s my approach to top-management consulting, coaching and mentoring: the first priority is to lay a foundation of trust and relationship, upon which I build the business of consulting with extensive experience and proven competence.

Klaus Leweling

A few scenarios in which our consulting services could be of advantage to you

+Future Panel
Without a clear-cut vision there is no guideline for your decision making; or you might be limited by apparently-immovable parameters. A creative panel is always a good start for a vision review. What are the apparent trends in society? Which foreseeable developments should be anticipated? Are there any oncoming challenges from the regulatory environment?  Which economic or social developments are desirable and should be supported?
+Sparring Partner
You are looking for someone you can regularly discuss your business with. Someone impartial, competent and experienced. Someone who asks unexpected questions and is unafraid to make uncomfortable statements. Someone who both constructively challenges and works with you to develop your ideas into something greater, which then becomes your own again.
+Breath of Fresh Air
You realise an urgent need for some new perspective in your organisation – perhaps in the organisational structure, quality management, processes, technology or product strategy. In this situation, input or even moderation of the process from outside the organisation will lead to better results. Chairing a round-table with your ‘creative potentials’ – selected with no reflection of age or hierarchy – and considering unexpected questions, industry examples and success stories would be a discerning start.
+Media Business
You intend to build up/rebuild/take over a TV channel, or ‘just’ feel the need for a significant cost-cutting programme in your media business. What is the innovation potential of content, ‘packaging’, technique, marketing and distribution? Are you confident of the long-term future of your TV business? Or should you allocate more focus on developing an Internet strategy – perhaps a gradual Internet transformation?
Key Performance Indicators. Reports. Statistics. Which indicators are really relevant for your business? Are you confident that the numbers you are using actually help you run your business?  However inadvertently, statistics often suffer from misleading figures or poor communication – invariably leading to misinterpretation and the drawing of inappropriate conclusions.


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